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About Numlock

Numlock was founded in 2018 when Walt left his job as Senior Culture Writer at FiveThirtyEight. He wanted to start his own newsletter to highlight outstanding stories that get drowned out by larger news and surface eye-opening stats and numbers in typical news stories.

Numlock doesn’t cover politics, and if there’s a story dominating the headlines you probably won’t read much about it in Numlock. This is all the fascinating stuff you’re missing, the great stories that get drowned out by the current fixation. Culture, science, technology, entertainment, climate, awesome new discoveries, this is the kind of stuff you’ll read about when you subscribe to Numlock.

Plus, it’s hilarious.

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Appears on The 80 Best Single-Operator Newsletters by Eli London at Inside Hook:

A daily newsletter from FiveThirtyEight alum Walt Hickey rounding up important news stories through the lens of statistics and numbers. It typically stays away from the biggest stories of the day in favor of more liminal, news-adjacent ones.

“It’s fascinating to see how your perception of news changes when they are told around the key numbers in them.” - David Bauer, 14 +1 Newsletters Worth Your Time

“Numlock is an eclectic daily selection of headlines, loosely organised around tech and data. There's always one surprising insight each day, and it's extremely well- (and amusingly) written.” - Guy Reading, Learnerbly

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