Numlock Sunday: 2021 Bonus Ask Me Anything Edition

By Walt Hickey

Welcome to the Numlock Sunday edition. Normally each week, I'll sit down with an author or a writer behind one of the stories covered in a previous weekday edition for a casual conversation about what they wrote. This week, I did an AMA.

Happy New Year!

As promised, to make up for the two-weeks-of-no-Sunday special, a bunch of y’all sent in questions and I have done my best to answer them. If there’s anything I missed feel free to throw it in the comments and I’ll see if I can take a swing.

Thanks so much for reading, we return next week with a super fun interview with Alex Davies about the race to make self-driving cars. There’s a lot of fun stuff in store this year with the Sundays, so it should be a good one.

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