Numlock News: September 25, 2018

By Walt Hickey This past paid Sunday Edition was talking about NIMBYs with CityLab’s Sarah Holder, be sure to check it out! Scrabble The popular board game Scrabble has added 300 new entries to the list of playable words, the first addition in four years. The words include “OK,” “ew,” “bizjet,” “yowza,” “puggle,” “sheeple” and “twerk.” Now that “ok” is an acceptable word in Scrabble, for the first time I know how the stern and traditional city fathers — seeing the rule of law threatened by rock-and-roll music, pool halls or communism, worried about the perverted and blasphemous societal shifts tempting their once god-fearing sons and daughters — felt, because that is a load of crap, sheeple.

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