Numlock News: January 7, 2019

By Walt Hickey Liking Numlock? Forward today’s email to a friend you think may enjoy it and might subscribe. Act Like You’ve Been There Before Tonight Clemson will play Alabama in College Football’s Playoff title game, but that sentence has become increasingly boring to write. This is the fourth time in the past four years that Alabama has played Clemson in the playoffs and two of those were also the Championship game. That’s having an impact on how much fans are willing to pay to attend the game: when what for most college programs would be a once-in-a-lifetime sporting event happens annually, people stop shelling out once-in-a-lifetime dollars to attend. Five days ahead of the 2017 title game (Clemson vs. Alabama) the average resale price for a ticket was $1,466, and five days ahead of the 2018 game (Georgia vs. Alabama) the average price was $2,969. Five days out from the 2019 game, the

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