Numlock News: December 18, 2018

By Walt Hickey Liking Numlock? Forward today’s email to a friend you think may enjoy it and might subscribe. Delivery As much as Amazon wants you to think it’s just days away from launching a fleet of drones to deliver your crap, the company is actually dependent on contracting with small companies to run its last mile for delivery. Mom-and-pop delivery startups, starting with as little as $10,000 up front, can elbow into the challenging-but-rewarding work of delivering packages for a conglomerate. The vans deliver 250 packages a day and make about $1,000 per van per month. And the cash-out can be wild, as evidenced by companies that own FedEx routes: the price for FedEx routes has climbed from 2 times cash earnings to 3.3 times cash earnings in five years. A route typically earns

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