Numlock News: January 24, 2019

By Walt Hickey Liking Numlock? Forward today’s email to a friend you think may enjoy it and might subscribe. Seed Money The Michael J. Fox Foundation operates considerably differently than a typical philanthropy. There’s no endowment — all the money is out the door and funding research immediately — and its goal isn’t long-term support for people with Parkinson’s, it’s a cure as soon as possible. Once bereft of research, in many ways thanks to the $800 million that flowed through the foundation and into research over the past 18 years, there have been serious advances. A new drug, Inbrija, is a major win for that unorthodox philanthropic strategy. Inbrija offers quick relief to Parkinson’s symptoms through an inhaler, similar to inhaler treatments for asthma sufferers. It’s not a cure, but still a win. The Fox Foundation

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